The strength of Väner Tekno is qualified work in thin metal sheets. We are producing prototypes to some of the European car manufacturers. Laser cutting 2D, 3D and pipe cutting are a part of our production. In our CNC controlled milling machines we cut different parts and tools to our prototype production.
Our strength is that we, within our premises can do the complete process on a part from customer drawing to a finished detail ready for delivery to the costumer.
Väner Teknos biggest and most valuable resource is our workforce which is competent, flexible, self-going and has an enterprising attitude. Some of our co-workers have more than 45 years of experience. We are welding in many different materials with both MIG and TIG, with our main strength in TIG welding.
In our press shop we manufacture parts, both in our own and our costumers press tools, in both long and short series. We also take care of paint job and other types of surface treatment, all in accordance with the wishes of the costumer.
Our own products
We manufacture products for use by handicapped persons in cars and other vehicles. For instance wheelchair lifts, turn plates, trunk lifts and wheelchair locks and brake/accelerate help. The picture on the left shows an electric wheelchair lock, it is used during the ride with the vehicle to lock the empty wheelchair to the floor. The lock is collision tested. The power and light lift on the right, is a device that can be mounted both on the side and the rear of the vehicle, it has a capacity of 300kg.
The right picture shows a lifting device for the trunk of the vehicle, it has a capacity of 85 kg.

On the left we see a device to put concrete tiles on the ground, it has a working range of 30-50 cm. With an extending arm and other jaws you can lay roof tiles.